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About Me

Hi!! I am Harsimran, who loves weaving stories around food. Cooking and baking for the past six years now, I’ve found my creative happiness in food styling and photography. Originally from the royal city of Patiala, I now live in Bangalore, India, with my husband and my daughter.

Two years ago, I began sharing my kitchen experiments on my Instagram handle @gourmet.gaze by cooking and taking pictures with my smartphone. It was almost a year later that I held a DSLR in my hands and started exploring photography’s art and science. With practice and learning from various online platforms, I now shoot on a complete Manual mode and work on enhancing my photography skills. I feel that knowledge and learning is an ever-evolving process. I work on creating healthy recipes with fresh and nutritious ingredients, though I do believe in an occasional indulgence. Nowadays, my heart gets filled with joy when I’m:

  • Curating healthy recipes and shooting the food for my blog and my Instagram @gourmet.gaze
  • Working as a freelance food stylist and photographer
  • Curating recipes and shooting images for food brands and businesses

Food Philosophy

As I’m a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian, the recipes that you are going to find here are mainly vegetarian, including dairy products and eggs. I focus on creating healthy food versions, where I try to use nutritious substitutes for the ingredients. While curating a recipe, I always try to provide alternatives for vegetarians and vegans as well.


Food Photography and Styling

As much as I love cooking/baking, I find immense pleasure in shooting the food I cook. Although I love creating both dark and airy compositions, I mostly shoot moody images for my projects. But, I’m open to any moodboard, depending on the client’s requirements.

Photography Gear

All the images on my portfolio have been shot with

  • Canon 650D
  • 50 mm prime lens
  • 18-135 mm zoom lens
  • Godox Speedlite V860 II

Image Editing

I believe in controlling the exposure/focus while shooting the image using suitable camera settings rather than going for a whole lot of post-processing. I give the essential touches to the photos using photo editing tools such as Snapseed and Lightroom. I don’t use any filters on the images shot by me, as I prefer retaining the composition’s originality.

If you wish to get in touch with me, please send me an email, DM me on Instagram or fill in the contact form.

Thank you so much for stopping by!